Royal Docks

A 12-month paid traineeship matching Newham’s young residents with local employers

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Royal Docks is a 12-month paid traineeship where young people from the London borough of Newham are matched with committed local businesses to experience an entry-level role.

The annual programme delivers a year-long curriculum combining online workshops, individual careers coaching, and work placements – and pays its participants London Living Wage (LLW) or above. Through its locally targeted programme, the Royal Docks cohort is given the opportunity to kickstart their career in organisations operating in their local area – sustaining our circular economies and local businesses' commitment to uplifting its young communities.

The participants gain valuable skills, experience, and knowledge through a guided and practical experience rooted in a partnership between them, the local authority, and the local business they're placed. Working closely with peers to develop their own network of like-minded professionals and receive in-demand work training, the hand-picked placements and industry-set group project allow participants to develop a foundation of real workplace experiences and scenarios to draw upon – improving overall employability, developing skills in project management, team-working and leadership, and resourcing their next steps.

Our in-house team of youth workers also facilitate monthly workshops to support continued professional development throughout the programme's duration.

Created in partnership between A New Direction's Employment & Skills team and Newham Council, Royal Docks first launched in 2021.