Interested in starting or furthering a career in digital product design? Read our Industry FAQ's below.

Q: What is the digital sector?

A: The digital sector encompasses business which have the desire to shape and respond to changing user needs through the creation of digital products and services that address those needs.

Q: What is the digital sector in the UK?

A: The digital design sector in the UK is made up of thousands of businesses, from one-person start-ups to huge brands like Google. It’s recorded as the fastest-growing sector with 1.4 million people working in it, and up to 45,000 new jobs on offer every year.

Q: What are digital products?

A: Digital products are everywhere, from watches, phones, TV’s, video games and apps, to cars, household electrical appliances and more.

Q: What are some of the job titles I could have?

A: UX Designer, Product Strategist, Creative Lead, Digital Product Designer

Q: What does the typical progression path look like?

A: Product Designer < Senior Product Designer < Product Designer Manager < Lead Product Designer < Principal Product Designer < Director of Product Design < Senior Director of Product Design < Vice President of Product Design

Q: Skills gained

A: Adobe Creative Suite, UX Design, Wireframes, InDesign, UI User Interface, Iterative Design, Agile Software Development

Q: What is the starting salary for this profession?

A: 30k*

Q: What is the national UK average salary for a digital product designer?

A: 44k*

*According to Glassdoor, October 2022.