Creative Connect 

1:1 support to guide your career

Through Creative Connect, you can access industry-specific career coaching personalised to you, to support you in your professional journey into working in the creative, cultural, or digital sectors.

Held either online or in-person to suit what works for you, these sessions support you in any of the creative jobs or opportunities you're looking to apply for. This includes feedback on CVs, cover letters, and application forms, as well as pre-interview assessments – all designed to make sure you put your best foot forward as you step into your desired creative role.

As part of the Creative Connect service, we also offer feedback on your existing work or portfolios (un-related to a specific job you might have in mind), and help you navigate the job market by carefully guiding you towards new job opportunities that match your skills, learning goals, and creative career aspirations.

Creative Connect is delivered via 1:1 calls and is supplemented with small group sessions with up to six other people. Whether you know what you’d like to explore next or are unsure of your options, the Creative Connect service is a useful resource for all young people at any stage of their career.

  • Who can apply?

    • Aged 18-30
    • Living in East London
  • How to book?

    Book a session today, in-person or online, and speak to a member of the team to get some valuable information, advice and guidance to support you in building a career in the creative, cultural and digital technology industries.

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  • About Career Coach: April Brown

    April possesses a diverse skill set aimed at empowering individuals to thrive in their professional endeavours. As an effective mentor, she offers guidance in job hunting, personal branding, and stress management, equipping individuals with the tools to navigate their career paths with confidence. S

    he specialises in addressing challenges such as imposter syndrome and fostering leadership skills, nurturing a supportive environment for growth. Her expertise extends to networking, project management, and time management training, facilitating effective collaboration and team synergy. April provides comprehensive support in CV and application writing, LinkedIn profile optimisation, and interview skills, ensuring candidates present themselves compellingly in competitive environments.

    Additionally, she offers valuable insights into deck building and pitching for work, cultivating critical thinking skills essential for success. With a passion for supporting creative projects, April also provides guidance on securing funding, empowering individuals to turn their visions into reality.

  • About Career Coach: Sophia Jones

    Sophia is a versatile professional with expertise in various areas, including career coaching, life coaching, interview techniques, communication, and public speaking.

    She also specialises in promoting wellbeing and stress management, fostering growth mindsets, and providing assistance with CV and application writing. With a comprehensive skill set, Sophia offers personalised guidance and support to help individuals achieve their goals and navigate their professional journeys with confidence.

  • About Career Coach: Yasmin Keita

    Yasmin possesses a diverse skill set tailored to empower individuals in their creative pursuits. With expertise in CV and cover letter writing, she crafts compelling narratives that showcase each individual's unique strengths.

    Yasmin excels in interview preparation, guiding candidates to present themselves confidently and authentically. Her adeptness in networking enables individuals to expand their professional circles and seize opportunities. Through her coaching, Yasmin fosters confidence-building, empowering individuals to navigate challenges with resilience. Additionally, her Ikigai workshops provide a transformative experience, helping participants uncover their creative purpose and align their passions with their professional endeavours.

  • Programme
    Creative Connect
  • Status
    Recruiting participants
  • Dates

    Weekly: Mondays – Wednesdays

  • Eligibility

    Aged 18–30

  • Number of Places

    1-6 sessions per person