Local Insiders: Digital Jobs

Stream our series of short films for insights into digital careers, commissioned in collaboration with LIFT

Local Insiders: Digital Jobs is a new video series produced in partnership with LIFT – which provide localised career support and insights across the boroughs of Islington, Camden, Hackney and Tower Hamlets – and the Good Growth Hub.

The series offers insights into the landscape of some of the careers in the sector of digital technology, with each video profiling a different individual as they delve into their pathways, skills, education, and passion; offering a snapshot into the role itself and seniority of each digital path in these in-demand careers.

Stream the short films to get to know each of our guest contributors as they debunk myths and offer anecdotes on how to sustain learning, passion, and work/life balance.

This series was filmed across the boroughs of Islington, Tower Hamlets, Hackney, and Camden, with each contributor either living or working in the boroughs. It spotlights the necessity of the local community to provide access to continued learning, employment, and networking opportunities.

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  • How to be a Digital Product Designer with Carlos Pontes

    2023-05-23_LIFT films_ Carlos Pontes_Photography by Faith Aylward_0007.JPG

    Have you considered what transferable skills you have, from your degree or current career, and wondered about a career in design? Digital Product Design can seem impenetrable, but Carlos reveals some of the transferable skills and top tips he has, from having patience and determination, to hobbies like JuJitsu and remaining curious and resilient in his search to understanding what design is, and how his current skills can be topped up to begin creating digitally.

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  • How to be a Content Producer with Samira Ahmed

    2023-05-27_LIFT films_ Samira Ahmed_Photography by Faith Aylward-001_0056.JPG

    Do you have strong video production and creative skills, do you enjoy telling stories and getting a message across? Content Producers work with multiple teams to inspire, inform and entertain, building a strong connection between brands and their followers. Experience the journey of a content producer in this interview with Islington resident Samira Ahmed and explore how to get into a career in content production and social media editing.

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  • How to be a Data Engineer with Joy Kalombo

    2023-05-24_LIFT films_ Joy Kalombo_Photography by Faith Aylward-_0052.JPG

    Are you a problem solver who loves working with numbers and mathematical concepts? Data engineers use percentages, proportions, and ratios to transform raw data into meaningful patterns. Experience the journey of a Junior Data Engineer in this interview by Amos Mukombero with Joy Kalombo, and explore careers in data engineering.

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  • How to be a Software Engineer with Beatrice Opara

    2023-05-27_LIFT films_ Beatrice Opara_Photography by Faith Aylward-001_0010.JPG

    Are you interested in learning how technology functions behind the screen, who manages the algorithm and data, and what a back-end digital engineer does in their day-to-day? Tune into the journey, interests and challenges of a Junior to mid-level Engineer with humble beginnings as Beatrice joins Amos in conversation at her favourite local spot.

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  • How to get into Creative Computing with Jazmin Morris

    2023-05-23_LIFT films_Jazmine_Photography by Faith Aylward_0008.JPG

    Are you interested in creatively experimenting with digital technology? Ever wondered about the power of computing and front-face coding? Jazmin takes us through her journey of linking up with her role models and those rooted in grassroots community, femininity, and collaboration, to transform a career in art with an interest in the digital companies and services that felt important; connecting the dots and amplifying voices through tech.

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  • How to be a User Experience (UX) Designer with Medua Okonta

    2023-05-23_LIFT films_Med_Photography by Faith Aylward_0038.JPG

    Ever thought about what digital design means, or if you want to get into it? Want to know the difference between UI, UX, and the various roles that go into creating your everyday digital products like apps and websites? Check out Medua's short interview as he talks through the intricacies of his role, and how clear communication, presentation, attention to detail, and collaboration all transfer into working well, and collectively growing, within digital design, especially once you get that first role.

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  • How to be a Digital Project Manager with Annarah Gordon

    2023-05-23_LIFT films_Annarah_Photography by Faith Aylward_0001.JPG

    Want to know the ins and outs of working for a start-up or project managing using digital tools? Digital Project Managers are like the captain of a team that work on digital projects, such as building websites or developing apps. They make sure everything runs smoothly by organising and planning work to a high standard.

    If you are a highly organised person with leadership skills and an interest in digital products, then Digital Project Management could be for you. Experience the journey of a Digital Project Manager in this interview with Hackney resident Annarrah Gordon.

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  • How to get into Machine Learning with Stanley

    2023-05-23_LIFT films_Stanley_Photography by Faith Aylward_0012.JPG

    Are you interested in working with artificial intelligence? Do you have exceptional mathematical and analytical skills? Do you like the sound of combining data analysis and software engineering to enable machines to learn? Machine learning engineers are responsible for creating programmes and algorithms that enable machines to take actions without being directed. Experience the journey of a Machine Learning Engineer in this interview with Islington resident Stanley Mwangi and explore further career information below.

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  • How to be a Software Developer Apprentice with Georgia Whitney

    2023-05-23_LIFT films_Georgia_Photography by Faith Aylward_0013.JPG

    Software developer apprentices typically spend around 80% of their time learning on the job, gaining valuable experience and working within the team and industry and working on real tasks. The other 20% of their time is spent attending lessons and lectures and completing coursework which supports them towards gaining a qualification.

    Software Development apprentices build advanced skills and technical understanding in coding languages as well as how to design, test and maintain software and web systems. Learn more about Georgia’s experience as a Software Development Apprentice with the Wellcome Trust.

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Commissioned by LIFT – a partnership between the boroughs of Islington, Camden, Hackney and Tower Hamlets. Produced by the Good Growth Hub.

Line Producer: Kamila Szymkiewicz.

Director and Presenter: Amos Mukombero.

Featuring: Jazmin Morris, Annarrah Gordon, Stanley Mwangi, Medua Okonta, Georgia Whitney, Carlos Pontes, Samira Ahmed, Beatrice Opara, and Joy Kalombo.

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Special thanks to LIFT and Good Growth Hub's core funders: The Mayor of London, the London Legacy Development Cooperation, and Arts Council England.