Aaliyah Sanchez

My name is Aaliyah Sanchez, at the time of writing, I am an editorial hairstylist aspiring to break into the film industry.

As an aspiring documentary filmmaker, my passions lie in telling stories from communities that have traditionally been sidelined or poorly represented. Through my work, I aim to inspire empathy and inclusivity by simply sharing the stories that are important to me, in the hope that others will see the importance of them too.

I think it's important as a creative person not to box yourself in, to create as intuitively as you can where possible, and design a world you'd like to live in with your work. Through the NON-LINEAR 2023 course, I hope to nurture the creative attributes within myself that I haven't paid much attention to so that I can learn how to effectively blend my passion for music and photography with film to explore new boundaries within my artistry.

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