Em Hutton

Em is a producer, writer, and multi-disciplinary visual artist. Following completion of an undergraduate degree in English Literature at Queen Mary, they completed a course with NYU in Film and Television Industry Essentials and began a career in media production.

After working in various roles (from Assistant Director to Studio Unit) with Apple TV, Paramount, and Warner Brothers, Em worked at Secret Cinema (an immersive theatre company that presents audiences with the ability to enter and live in an imagined world) as a Production Assistant.

They are deeply passionate about the connections between people that can be exposed through storytelling and believe we are all connected by our shared lived experiences and core emotions.

Em also runs a small music events production company called Half Deaf that aims to help artists build their creative community and market their music. Thier mission is for art to belong to the individual artists rather than a reliance on label representation.

In their spare time, Em writes short stories and poems, many of which are then adapted into scripts and some of which she turns into short films. They prefer to shoot using more abstract methods to capture the childlike lens through which they experience the world. Em's written projects include a series of open letters that explore grief through the relationship between language and loss.

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    Em Hutton

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    STEP 9
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