Lauren Kwawu

Lauren started their own business whilst caring for their grandmother; brainstorming ideas on Pinterest boards and crafting imaginary sales pitches.

They are passionate about Fashion, especially the world of self-made and street fashion, which is what led them to start with accessories as their gateway into the fashion industry, as they're quick to create and easily accessible. Lauren later decided to shift their business model to print-on-demand services – allowing them to create glamorous and handmade fashion accessories using a blend of vibrant colours, captivating textile images, and sparkling drawings. Lauren digitally designs each item and crafts it in partnership with a British print-on-demand business, using materials sourced exclusively from the UK. By doing so, they contribute to the green economy.

Lauren aims to expand their social media presence and explore the possibility of selling products on their own website and various digital fashion outlets. They are determined to make a positive impact in the fashion space and learn to utilise reels and videos to make entertaining and promotional digital content.

Lauren enjoys curating music playlists and researching new trends on social media.

  • Name

    Lauren Kwawu

  • Programme
    STEP 9
    Creativity Works: Digital Content 
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