Chloe Hester

Upon finishing A-Levels, being the first in my family to go to university (to study mathematics of all things), seemed like a good idea at the time. Then I graduated and realised becoming a queer, fat, STEM girlie was not the life I wanted for myself, no matter how many people told me that turning away from academics would be a waste of my potential.

Over my gap year, I travelled, sometimes with friends, and without realising it, I was constantly capturing videos knowing I would later go home and edit them together. I learned how to make clothes, and how to book bind and started drawing. It took some time, but I realised that I wasn’t having trouble sticking with a hobby, but rather craving a creative outlet with purpose. Creating something from nothing allows me to problem solve (one of the few things I liked about maths); staying focused and giving me satisfaction. A lot of the skills I learned were because I enjoyed making gifts for others; a graduation dress for my girlfriend, and a video of my backpacking trip for my family so they could see what I got up to whilst away.

Strengthening and forming bonds with people is why I love creating so much, and nothing else makes it possible.

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