Zipporah Asare

Coming from a fashion design background Zipporah has always had a love for all things creative; from art & music to advertisement & marketing and everything in between.

Since graduating it has always been her goal to explore new avenues of creativity, by pushing herself and actively seeking opportunities outside of fashion design for now. This drive has led her into a variety of roles such as working for a start-up online greeting card company, where she wore different hats, from sales assistant to merchandising and design.

Zipporah then went on to do a Government Kickstart placement with her local council. However, halfway through the kickstart she received an amazing opportunity to do freelance digital influencer marketing for one of the biggest television networks in the UK. Which is where her interest in digital marketing and advertising has come from.

She is excited to be a part of the STEP programme as it has given her the opportunity and freedom to further her interest in a field that is relatively new and gain experience from professionals. She looks forward to being part of a team, networking, seeing our ideas come to life and have a positive impact.

  • Name

    Zipporah Asare

  • Programme
    STEP 5