Bea Burnett

Bea is a multidisciplinary artist with a background in fine art, design, and interior design. Their passion extends beyond the boundaries of art into the realms of environmental, animal rights, and human rights causes, making her an advocate for positive change.

Bea is delighted to embark on the STEP program, and eager to connect with other young creatives. What excites them most about this programme is the opportunity to delve into a supportive community of like-minded individuals, all dedicated to using art as a catalyst for change in our communities.

They are enthusiastic about contributing their artistic and creative skills to make a difference in our community and beyond. The prospect of combining a passion for the arts with meaningful social causes fuels Bea's drive to create and curate art that speaks volumes and drives impactful action.

Through the STEP program, Bea looks forward to honing their artistic abilities, engaging with diverse perspectives, and ultimately making a positive impact on our creative communities. With every creative endeavour, they strive to leave a lasting impression that resonates with others.

  • Name

    Bea Burnett

  • Programme
    STEP 8
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