Jamila Kabir

Jamila is a Fine Art graduate specialising in painting, sculpture, and installation art. Applying her artistic skills and unique flair into the digital era, she aims to make work more accessible in today's fast-paced world.

Storytelling is a passion of Jamila's and in this digital age, the possibilities for storytelling are limitless; whether it's through immersive experiences, thought-provoking visuals, or engaging collaborations, she remains eager to embrace new techniques and develop her skills.

Music is especially important to Jamila. Writing and performing allow me to express myself in a different way, and I take immense pleasure in supporting my peers and attending live music events and exhibitions. I am a huge advocate for the arts and community and I believe that art has the power to transform lives and bring people together. My driving force revolves around three pillars: creativity, connection, and collaboration.

  • Name

    Jamila Kabir

  • Programme
    Creativity Works: Digital Content