Janet Osigbesan

Janet Osigbesan (They/She) was born in Nigeria and lives in London. As a neurodiverse person, they thrive on creativity.

Creating content, reading, writing/ performing poetry, and acting is their outlet to express freely and analyse how certain situations healthily.

Through Creativity Works: Digital Content, they wish to transform a passion and hobby into a thriving, full-fledged career; eager to acquire new skills and knowledge that will enhance their current practice. Their goal is to create productions that are not only fresh and thought-provoking but also offer viewers a special connection to their own lives.

In their free time, Janet enjoys reading books that challenge societal norms and offers diverse perspectives. They believe that exploring life through different lenses expands our understanding and encourages personal growth.

  • Name

    Janet Osigbesan

  • Programme
    Creativity Works: Digital Content 
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