William McLucas

I am an artist who works primarily in painting and sculpture using found materials, but I have also done several projects using video and sound. I graduated from Fine Art: Painting at Camberwell College of Arts.

My current practice is a series of tensile works exploring the materiality and longevity of functional design but within the aesthetic confines of traditional painting. My art is reflective of my interest in design, especially industrial product design.

Having grown up in Beckton, Newham, an area that is home to Europe’s largest sewage works, a gasworks, and many an industrial estate, I have found myself finding an appreciation for utilitarian aesthetics that could otherwise be disregarded as mundane.

Outside of my artistic practice, I have an interest in graphic and interior design and play a few musical instruments. In my spare time, I enjoy the films of Yorgos Lanthimos for their surreality and bluntness, and am very fond of Ghibli films as they truly push the limits of animation through their fantastical world-building.

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