Samantha Henry

Samantha Henry is a Jamaica-born, London-raised creative.

She has a long-standing passion for advertising, sparked since childhood when waiting for the release of the latest Marks and Spencer Christmas ad to kick off the festive season. Good advertising ideas can define the time's zeitgeist and change the world – from Saatchi & Saatchi's iconic pregnant man family planning campaign to the #LikeAGirl campaign. Samantha loves how being a strategist allows her to explore and step into the shoes of other demographics and niche-interest groups that others may otherwise never consider researching. Finding an authentic human truth for an audience allows Samantha to see the humanity in the data mined, and unknowingly connects her to them (human to human).

She hopes to create meaningful and touching work that positively changes the intended audience's lives and find ways to infuse culture and diversity into briefs, because representation will always matter.

In her spare time, Samantha enjoys fashion, music, culture, art, Kdramas, talking, overthinking/thinking deeply, travelling, and being a mother to my nearly 4-year-old, Iris.

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    Samantha Henry

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    Creativity Works: Digital Content 
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