Cyrus Corbin

Cyrus chose the dual placement at London College of Fashion because of his passion for Fashion Photography and the diversity of the job role. He knows it’s something he can do as well as the opportunity to learn as many skills as possible during his time here. All the skills he has acquired studying photography and video, working within fashion and content creation makes Cyrus a great fit for this role.

He loves that every day he will be doing something different which keeps the thought of going to work fresh as you never know what to expect. He is a confident person who loves helping others which this job role requires as well as someone who can apply themselves working independently or as a team. Keeping in touch with trends and latest social media buzz within the media is something he has l mastered over the years because it is a great way to voice your opinion on something or just gain exposure on something you love to do; he has many skills working with professional production equipment.

This is an opportunity not only to help himself grow as an artist but also to meet others within the East London communities that have come from diverse backgrounds. Cyrus loves to meet new people and learn what their beliefs are and what they hope to accomplish in their lives.

  • Name

    Cyrus Corbin

  • Programme
    STEP 5
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