Elise Nwokedi

Elise is a recent graduate of English. At University, she enjoyed the visual culture aspect of her course, engaging with art that wasn’t rooted in the written word. Learning about things ranging from gaze and perspective to cinematography in classic 1950s films really made her appreciate the craft that goes into creating a work of art. Elise also experienced the creative process first hand as she got involved in student theatre as a Producer and left university set on pursuing a creative career in the arts and cultural sector.

As someone who was born and raised in the East End of London, coming across the STEP programme seemed like a dream come true. She is excited by the prospect of meeting other young creatives and being mentored by people in the industry. As well as looking forward to attending the monthly workshops that will help to develop skills that Elise can put to use her internship as Assistant Editor at Grimshaw Foundation.

  • Name

    Elise Nwokedi

  • Programme
    STEP 6