Florence Seddon-Tarpey

As a STEM graduate, Florence was interested in making a career change but needed a stepping-stone to help translate her passion and enthusiasm into real-life creative industry experience.

She is interested in learning more about media, especially in terms of TV and Film production, learning about how studios work as multifaceted organisations and generally exploring opportunities to collaborate with other creatives on projects we can share with the public. She is also excited to work with groups within the theatre industry and the production of live events.

She is most looking forward to being able to work on a range of projects and being part of the team to help facilitate production teams to create their work at 3 Mills Studio. As an Office Intern, she is keen to hit the ground running and embrace all the learning curves and challenges that may arise during this year-long programme.

  • Name

    Florence Seddon-Tarpey

  • Programme
    STEP 5
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