Lan Lu

Lan graduated from the University of East London with a first-class BA in Media and Communication in 2017.

They have over 5-years of experience in the Food Retail sector, taking on various leadership responsibilities at the UK Korean supermarket chain Oseyo, including Sales Assistant, Team Leader, and Assistant Manager. Lan has completed related certifications in Level 2 Customer Service (2017), Food Hygiene (2019) and Level 1 First Aid (2019).

As an aspiring photographer, their work is focussed on portraiture and documentation. Creatively inclined, with a strong interest in Arts and Culture, Lan's area of focus is on self-identity and the representation of East and Southeast Asians in Western society. They are an avid learner with a desire to expand their knowledge, gain new skills, and self-grow.

Lan enjoys drawing and painting, cooking and baking, and learning languages.

  • Name

    Lan Lu

  • Programme
    Creativity Works: Digital Content 
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