Soe-Myat Noe

Soe-Myat is a London-based designer and illustrator, with a BA in Graphic Communication Design from Central Saint Martins. Their current practice and passion explores narrative storytelling within illustrative, publication, and filmmaking processes, with a particular interest in how these can reshape and influence deeply ingrained societal views on illness, disability, and representation.

As the first person in their family to pursue higher education, Soe-Myat does not have the financial freedom to take volunteer positions or have any mentorship to pursue a creative career.

The S.T.E.P program is a much-needed for people like myself to not only step into employment in the creative industry but also get training through monthly workshops. I am also very excited that participating in S.T.E.P will allow me to meet other young creative individuals, who I hope to learn from and grow with together, while gaining access to industry mentoring, and further training and development.
  • Name

    Soe-Myat Noe

  • Programme
    STEP 9