Nana Mills-Robertson

Nana is a filmmaker, podcast host, and all-around creative. As a budding content producer, she is keen to make content that reflects everyday experiences and the lives of those living in her community. Growing up, Nana felt frustrated by the inadequate representation of black women across various media platforms and aims to tackle this through her work. This motivation led her to start 'Picking Into It' – a conversational podcast on movies and TV shows that has since built a community on social media, posting reviews on TikTok, YouTube and the podcast.

Nana also enjoys developing different film projects, working to create multifaceted characters that ensure people like her feel seen, with a focus on personalised emotional experiences as humans. She is passionate about the growth and development of young people and is a trustee for a youth charity called Grit that guides young people through their studies and careers, with a focus on wellbeing. It's a role Nana cherishes because, as an alumni of the Grit programme..

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    Nana Mills-Robertson

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    STEP 9
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