Nairobi Nomura

Nairobi has a serious passion for live performances and music education, and an all-around interest in using creativity, collaboration, and innovation to make a real difference in the world. When she's not deep in the music scene, you'll usually find her on the decks, spinning tunes as a DJ, hitting the trails for a refreshing hike, or spending time with loved ones. Lifelong learning is huge for Nairobi — exploring new ideas and broadening horizons.

What excites me most about the the STEP programme is the chance to dive into hands-on experiences, learn from industry experts, and collaborate with peers. I'm eager to dive into new challenges, expand my skills, and make meaningful contributions to the projects I'll be involved in. I'm looking forward to connecting with like-minded individuals, exploring new opportunities. I can't wait to connect with my fellow STEP crew, discover new opportunities, and kick off this amazing journey together.

Nairobi took on the Learning Trainee role at BBC Music as part of STEP 10 in April 2024.

  • Name

    Nairobi Nomura

  • Programme
    STEP 10
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