Yingquian Huang

Yingquian is rigorous and serious about her career, always full of curiosity about the world, and willing to explore the unknown. She has a strong sense of justice although sometimes lacks vocabulary against unfair things and is learning to be a better person in her own field.

She has experienced injustice but is still full of hope and kindness to the world. Full of love and compassion, she likes kittens but haven’t determined to be their ideal parent. Cries too much, especially when she see others cry, she just can’t stop empathising...

She loves: travelling, directing performance productions, especially dance or physical theatre, films, capturing real life through her little Canon G7X, taking pictures of people, landscapes, and live events/ live performances.

Yingquian hopes for the STEP programme are for their professional development in their role at Sadler’s Wells, she hopes to establish a peer network and gain more skills. She is really looking forward to cooperating with like-minded people/ artists (who love photography, dance or travel). And she also wants to expand her skills in videography through training and workshops.

  • Name

    Yingquian Huang

  • Programme
    STEP 5
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