Marta Croft

My background is in fine arts, inspiring much of my previous work. I've recently developed an interest in film creation as I feel it is an art form that captures a moment in history forever, whether organic or curated.

I have a wide range of hobbies including researching topics such as psychology, criminology, and anthropology. I also have a passion for nature and animals and an interest in textiles and fashion, with plans to try out film photography.

Much of my work has dealt with topics very personal to me and allowed me to delve into issues I struggle with. Exploring them in my practice has been very important in understanding and accepting myself, as well as reaffirming I may not be alone in these struggles. I strive to open conversations and break taboos. Additionally, I’m interested in what It means to be a human and in particular the things that put us off, I strive for my work to get a visceral reaction out of people to attempt to understand what in our programming causes these reactions.

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