Aisha Mahamed

Aisha is a passionate young adult who loves learning new things and expanding her knowledge.

She loves socialising – hence why she created a community group – and strive to bring people together, foster meaningful relationships, and provide a platform where individuals can engage, share experiences, and learn from one another.

Aisha is interested in creating a strong brand identity for this community to ensure its growth and engagement among its members. She also has a huge interest in photography and film due to their powerful storytelling capabilities, honouring the belief that images and film have the ability to evoke emotions and inspire change. Aisha's passion for photography and film fuels her desire to tell stories and create impactful visual content.

Alongside her love for learning, Aisha has a deep interest in sports, particularly playing and watching football. She hopes to produce captivating videos, and social media content, such as video content that showcases the player's playful side so the fans can connect with the players on a deeper level.

  • Name

    Aisha Mahamed

  • Programme
    Creativity Works: Digital Content