Cadija Blyden

Cadija loves all things design, especially 3D design due to its capacity to bring her ideas to life in the digital world. Art and technology are her two big passions, indulging in drawing, editing, sculpting, shaping, designing, and animating her imagination with precision and detail to find fulfillment.

She is very detail-oriented and enjoys anything that requires attention to detail. Since finishing her degree, she hasn't had access to technology to continue replenishing her skills. She hopes to enhance her knowledge of the creative industries to broaden her understanding of what parts fit her best and work toward improving her skills and getting a job in the creative industry.

Collaboration is an essential part of Cadija's creative process as she enjoys working closely with clients, artists, and developers to bring their visions to life; thriving on exchanging ideas, gathering feedback, and iterating on designs to achieve the best possible outcome.

  • Name

    Cadija Blyden

  • Programme
    Creativity Works: Digital Content