Lola Herbert

I graduated from the London Screen Academy with a passion for sound, have had practice in creating sound for a project and loved the process. I often watch movies specifically horror (which is definitely one of my favourite genres) and focus on the sound effects that they use to set the tone and create an eery soundscape with music, the ambiance, and more.

Although I am most passionate about sound, I equally enjoy photography. Whenever I’m out my camera is out too and I take pictures of anything that captures my eye mostly nature though! I feel like I am quite creative but also direct, I love coming up with new ideas for a short film or a music video and writing them down just in case I ever need them. I am quite a homebody so my hobbies are mainly watching films or TV shows, reading, going for walks, and maybe even baking something.

My favourite movies are probably Maurice, Pearl and Coraline which is quite an odd selection when seen bunched together but are all equally as good in my opinion. Overall I am absolutely riveted by film and TV and would love to pursue a career in it.

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