Sandra Fajuyigbe

Sandra, also known as Sandy or ArtistandSpace is a skilled illustrator with a passion for digital art.

With a love for creating vibrant and captivating visuals, she strives to push the boundaries of her creativity. Alongside her artistic pursuits, Sandra is deeply interested in content creation, finding immense joy in crafting various forms of media and collaborating with like-minded individuals. Whether it's through illustrations, animations, gaming, or other visual mediums, she enjoys expressing ideas and connecting with people through their work.

Throughout their journey, Sandra embraces their true self and showcases the uniqueness and talent that resides - believing in the power of resilience, especially in the face of adversity. She hopes to continue growing as an artist and individual, constantly learning and evolving.

  • Name

    Sandra Fajuyigbe

  • Programme
    Creativity Works: Digital Content 
    Flipside 2024
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