Nadia Saleem

I'm Nadia, a recent Marketing graduate, amateur chef, film and TV connoisseur, and passionate human rights activist.

I constantly strive to better myself and have a strong interest in seeking knowledge and diversifying my skill set. Whether that be through maintaining my French streak on Duolingo, my journey and commitment to my faith, a concern and interest in global news, or simply my pop-culture obsession. My interests are diverse and can not be minimized into a single category. I have therefore gained an appreciation for the journey in life, rather than fixating on a single destination. Everything has something to offer us, good or bad, and I believe everything can be a lesson to help us grow.

With that being said, I have always had a fascination with film and TV that goes beyond mere entertainment. I find myself often analyzing storytelling techniques, character development, cinematic aesthetics, and expanding the world on screen to the domains of my mind.

I love to write stories and imagine what they would look like on screen, from the opening scene, and title sequence, to epic action climax and endgame reunion in the pouring rain accompanied by a 00’s hit record. I am therefore interested in learning more about all components of film and TV, particularly how to create effective storytelling and translate that onto the big screen for optimal impact.

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