Anastasia George

Anastasia is of Nigerian descent and a recent LLB Law graduate from the University of Nottingham.

An organic interest in media led Anastasia to start independently curating a personal collection of media, fashion, and art magazines – as a personalised way of extending their love for history, film, TV, fashion, and Formula 1. They refer to themselves as an informal historian at heart on account of their preference for the subgenre of non-fiction books that focuses on biographies of people who have contributed to evolving the world of media and art, such as Jimi Hendrix and Slash.

The STEP programme has allowed me to gain the invaluable PR internship experience I longed for during my law degree. I am looking forward to meeting like-minded individuals on the programme and the career development activities in this programme, such as career coaching, which are very important to me because of my degree background and interest in learning communications-specific industry information.
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    Anastasia George

  • Programme
    STEP 9
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