Louis Masterson

Louis is a writer with a passion for the arts – particularly the art and artists that engage with community and environment. While completing his Bachelor’s degree in Human Geography at Queen Mary University of London, he developed an interest in the intricate relationships people form with one another and with the places they inhabit – a fascination that has bled into and shaped Louis' career.

Since 2021, Louis has freelanced in communications and administrative roles in the cultural sector, while contributing to visual art publications such as The Design Edit and Public Offerings Ltd. He spent several months in the studio of contemporary British artist Gavin Turk and collaborated with the education charity, The House of Fairytales, on 'The Great Imagining'. This project consisted of several community-led events across the UK and abroad, as well as a 64-page magazine – all inspiring hope for a greener, fairer, wiser future. During this time, Louis' writing has continued to explore the intersections of community and environment within the creative and colourful world of art.

  • Name

    Louis Masterson

  • Programme
    STEP 9