Chantel Richards 

My name is Chantel (although I prefer to be called Chan), 23 years old and I’m still trying to navigate exactly who I am. I have tried many different things but nothing makes me as happy as being creative.

I am interested in film/TV and have even studied drama as I had a dream to be an actor. I love escaping reality through different movies and also love watching movies/TV from all across the world as it broadens my mind about different cultures. I am especially interested in learning different languages and right now am learning Korean and Japanese. This is because when I began to get exposed to Korean and Japanese media, it opened up a new curiosity in me for the culture including the language, and having an understanding of the language helps me to have a deeper understanding of their films/TV.

I enjoy music also and listen to anything from rock to classical to kpop to rap. I think that the use of music in media also is something that interests me a lot, how using a certain song or piece of instrumental can make a scene feel so much fuller or invoke specific emotions from the viewer is something I would like to be able to achieve in the future.

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