Yasmin Amin

Yasmin is from East London and has a passion for activism and empowering her local community through creative engagement.

She creates and supports exciting and accessible contemporary art that incites positive change; with a dream to build a multi-arts venue that collaborates with young people, particularly those from less advantaged backgrounds, and sets them up with key life skills.

Yasmin specialises in film production as a writer/producer. She has experience working intensive 60-hr weeks for large studio feature films and has since taken on more community-led and slow-paced projects in East London where she has freelanced as a production manager, gallery assistant, and community arts trainee – all within her local community.

She enjoys writing and drawing in her spare time, alongside live music, cooking for friends, and cycling with siblings. A lover of finding new spots in London, Yasmin is frequently a tourist in her own town and identifies as a hopeless romantic as she gets swept up in nostalgia, local history, and world geography.

  • Name

    Yasmin Amin

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    Creativity Works: Digital Content 
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