Phoebe Hayes

Phoebe is a London based artist researcher with a background in contemporary art, design and communication. She is particularly interested in the different ways we can come together through art to discuss important themes surrounding landscape, the climate and nature. Phoebe recently completed a Masters at the Royal College of Art in Visual Communication, where she explored the inter-relations between landscape, film and site-specific works. The community she will connect with during this STEP programme excites Phoebe, and is one she will keep even after the programme and continue to work and collaborate with. STEP is an incredible opportunity as a visual communicator wanting to embark on a career in curation.

She is looking forward to working with Sapling Gallery, with its specialism in contemporary voices and love for nature. The shows and events they put on encompass themes and ideas which she believes to be of upmost importance, revealing current debates on learning from more-than-human intelligences, nature and what it means to exist in the world today. Having the budget for a collaborative project with fellow peers on STEP will allow Phoebe to push exciting bold ideas and to invite the publics into the gallery and engage with the works.

  • Name

    Phoebe Hayes

  • Programme
    STEP 6