Abidemi Ibitoye

Abidemi considers himself a multi-disciplinary creative with an active pursuit that spans the visual arts and literature. His late study of graphic design was synergistic with his art spirit and helped develop the ability to converge various elements to achieve the desired outcome.

His current interest combines computer graphics with story writing, building imaginative worlds through literary and visual narratives. Outside the arts, social development takes centre stage. Focusing on curatorial programs and engagement will allow him to understand community needs and create solutions for enrichment.

The STEP programme provides an opportunity to collaborate with like-minded individuals who strive to succeed within the cultural arts sector. Through networking and training, this shared ambition will fuel growth and incite career aspirations within individuals who would believe otherwise due to the lack of representation.

He looks forward to networking with a diverse range of talent and the chance to grow together as a part of STEP's innovative vision to bridge businesses with local, passionate people.

  • Name

    Abidemi Ibitoye

  • Programme
    STEP 5