Alemaya Deresse

I'm of Ethiopian descent and currently live in London. I was raised in the capital but I’ve also lived in Birmingham.

I’m Interested in becoming a writer, or director. I hope to make feature films in the future. I have experience working on short films but hadn't received formal training prior to joining the NON LINEAR 2023 course.

I have had a passion for film and filmmaking since I was a child and wish to exercise my creative abilities through workshop programs and training modules that are as welcoming and noteworthy as this one. I have a keen interest in teamwork and hope to provide something valuable. I’m mainly interested in narrative storytelling and hope to submit myself to that aspect of the field.

My favourite films are ‘Some like it hot’, ‘High and Low’, ‘The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly’, and ‘12 angry men’. My favourite screenwriters are Paul Thomas Anderson, Quintin Tarantino Reginald Rose, and Steven Knight. My favourite actor of all time is Charles Laughton who starred in ‘Witness for the Prosecution’. I also enjoy Stephen Graham.

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