Trey Kyeremeh

Trey is born and raised in East London and is the eldest of four, first-generation Ghanaian kids.

He is a writer, and storyteller foremost. But, he also strongly believe he can’t be defined. He has an MA in English Literature & Theology and Religious Studies from the University of Glasgow.

Trey is interested in black studies, stories, and all its encompassing intersections, shades, and expressions. Giving voices and reflections to young ethnic minorities who don't feel seen. Ultimately he wants to explore joy. What that looks like for himself and what it looks like for other people, other communities, and everyone's inner child. he wants the work he does and the words he writes to bring about conflict, healing, and change.

What he is looking forward to through STEP is getting his foot into the creative industry and being able to bring something to the table. Then, alongside being mentored, hopefully gain the skills and confidence to build his own table one day.

  • Name

    Trey Kyeremeh

  • Programme
    STEP 5
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