Makella Ketedzi

Makella is a multidisciplinary creative, passionate about the art of expression in its various forms; including but not limited to film, prose and mixed media. Regardless of what practice/work she is engaged in; she aims to always prioritise community at heart and illustrating how collectivised approaches can be a transcending experience. You can often find her losing herself in art whilst at a gallery, reading/napping on public transport and/or smiling at the sun whenever it's out.

In addition to working with UCL and collaborating/sharing space with other members of the STEP cohort, she is also looking forward to the monthly professional development workshops and working with a mentor, so that she can grow in areas such as confidence in leading and facilitating and curating her own projects.

  • Name

    Makella Ketedzi

  • Programme
    STEP 5
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