Nafhat Sharif

Nafhat is an admirer of all things alternative and counter-culture! They are a firm believer in defying people’s perceptions of fashion and art and hopes to inspire people to express authenticity in all aspects of both business and their personal lives. Studying their degree in English Literature furthered Nafhat's interest in works about race and gender and existing outside the gender binary means that they can examine gendered content with a unique perspective. They are familiar with how art panders to each gender and it would be nice to be involved in something that takes non-binary people into consideration. In their own time, Nafhat enjoys writing about how their identity affects their media consumption and they hope to expand on this throughout their career.

With STEP, they are thrilled to learn how to build a creative portfolio and how to utilise their passion for the arts in a professional environment. Crucially, the most fulfilling aspect of this programme would be to see representation in roles that are not so public facing such as in production and research.

  • Name

    Nafhat Sharif

  • Programme
    STEP 6
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