Bil-Marhamah Rahman

I finished college in 2023 and want to develop my love of Film and TV into something more than “passion.” I love script writing/screenplay writing because I feel as though there’s nothing more unique than visually creating a story through words that draw on real-life experiences and feelings.

I believe that scriptwriting is more than the foundation of a film, but rather at the heart of it all - from the pre-production process to post. However, I'm keen to turn my fascination with film into something more practical. So, whilst I am more drawn to scriptwriting, I am still and always will be, eager to try out anything to become a well-rounded creative who can work in harmony with the different parts of the industry.

In the future, I hope to build my creative experience and industry knowledge so I can become a filmmaker in my own right. Although that aspiration may be in the far far future, I am still looking forward to every step it takes to get there!

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    Bil-Marhamah Rahman

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