Tamzin Miller

Tamzin is a recent graduate from Nottingham Trent, where she studied Psychology and majored in Forensics. During her studies, she worked as a box waitress at most premier league football clubs, whilst she has worked at Tottenham, Tamzin has not worked for her team, the best in the premier league, West Ham.

In her spare time, Tamzin enjoys going out to eat; currently, her favourite restaurant is The Ivy, which receives a strong nine out of ten. In addition to being a restaurant critic, she is a Pilates enthusiast. She used to go to a pretty great studio when studying in Nottingham, but now I have to rely on home YouTube videos, but she still enjoys Pilates. Finally, Tamzin is a big Sims 4 fan, which makes it even more thrilling for her to be working for Hope and Glory who recently worked with Depop x Sims 4 on their latest expansion pack.

What Tamzin is looking forward to most is gaining the PR experience from her placement. She has wanted to work in public relations for a long time but has been met with constant rejections. Tamzin considers herself extremely fortunate to be able to shadow experts in this sector and develop the necessary skills to be a successful public relations professional.

  • Name

    Tamzin Miller

  • Programme
    STEP 6