Imaani Akinsola

Imaani is a creative (cliché I know) who likes to dip their toes into anything of interest, whether that’s crocheting, pottery, or graphic design, and has professional experience as a photographer and editor, alongside having facilitated project management and content creation for London-based music events.

Imaani Akinsola has a diverse work experience in the creative and marketing fields. Imaani started their career in 2018 as a Sales Assistant and Visual Merchandiser at Happysocks, where they were responsible for visual merchandising, marketing, and sales. In 2019, they worked as a Social Media Manager and Content Creator at Evolutionary Youth, curating content and managing social media accounts. Additionally, they had brief roles as a BTS Photographer at Universal Music Group and an Events Photographer at Black Creators Matter. From 2019 to 2020, they worked as a Style Advisor and Sales Assistant at Glassworks London. Imaani also gained experience as a Project Manager and Content Creator at Platform LDN Limited, where they organized events, executed social media content, and worked on events photography. In 2021, they served as a Social Media, Website, and Marketing Assistant at BARE Dating. Imaani then worked as a BTS Video Editor at The Floor Magazine and a Junior Social Video Editor at SCREENSHOT Media. In 2014, they were self-employed as a Digital Content Creator and Editor, specializing in street and abstract photography and music video editing.

Imaani completed their AS & A Level education in Media, Photography, Sociology, and Philosophy at City and Islington College. Imaani then attended Hornsey School for Girls from 2009 to 2014 and obtained their GCSE. In 2016, they enrolled at De Montfort University and graduated in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Media Production.

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    Imaani Akinsola

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    STEP 6
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